Office of Favour


We are the Office of Favour, an institution of fairness, tolerance and utter goodwill. We are artists who support art and artists. We work within our society to improve both art and society itself – by means of our art.

We are relying heavily on the use of technology, but not for art. Our art is human art, and we are entering a moment in history when machines create art for humans.

We accept that.

But to stay human, we should not consume machine art only. Artificial art, as calculation by machine, has its place in this world as a tool. But once we forget our humanity, we ourselves become tools. Therefore we cherish truly human art, made by humans for humans, with as little machine involved as possible. Our events are live events. We show humans making music, paintings mady by hand, humans reciting and reading text written by humans.

Also, the covid19 pandemic that hit all humanity was a catastrophe for live artists. We want to improve the situation by using any means at our disposal. The solution, however, cannot be to just go online, because the internet is ruled by the mega stars. In October / November 2022, a single artist occupied the entire top ten of the radio charts in the USA, as well as several of the two-digit places. This means a power of being present that no „normal“ musician can compete with.

Yet the normal musicians exist, and without them, you could never have a star nor a surprising talent – for all great agencies produce never anything unexpected.

So, unexpected as it may be, here we are – with our art, our ideas, our talent, our skill. We are trying to show that there is art on the local level, in the local area, in your city and your suburb. And we share your life, your environment and your space with you. We share your problems and we’re your neighbours. You will never hear the multi-millionaire rock star sing about your town or your problems or your situation, because they are not where and when you are. But us, we’re there. With you.

Our art is your art.